Unity-Hard Work-Pragmatism-Innovation

Exploit the market with high-quality products and serve customers with sincerity.


Brilliand Tech Pte Ltd is a technology company engaged in website construction, APP design and development, invested by Mingteng Networks from China. Our technical team in Chengdu, China, software design, program development experience are more than ten years; specializing in the use of PHP + mysql, .net + sqlserver, Java + mysql design and development of Web sites and APP; for the government, enterprises to provide official website construction services for trade-oriented enterprises to provide B2B, B2C mall construction services. Provide B2B, B2C mall construction services for trade-oriented enterprises.

Service philosophy

Service Philosophy:

      As a service-oriented BrilliantWeb, we know that the product only accounts for 30% of the website construction process, and the sale and after-sales account for 70% of the website construction. Our company has a high level of domestic technology research and development team and excellent customer service staff.

     Our staff has an active way of thinking, diligent work attitude, the pioneering spirit of continuous improvement, positive collaboration and teamwork, to ensure that the company's performance is flourishing, and to promote the company's continuous progress.

Team Management:

Frankly and humbly accept the views of customers, all things stand more in the position of the customer to consider the purpose of customer satisfaction, as far as possible to meet the requirements of customers, and constantly improve and enhance the core competitiveness of our services;

With a high comprehensive quality of service team, to serve customers with professional standards, is the necessary prerequisite for service to customers;

Customer service employees must correct their own mentality, and often adjust negative emotions, sincere, professional customers to provide more professional services, to do "have questions and answers, there are difficult to be resolved", to eliminate any reason for delaying the complaint processing cycle;

Corporate Culture:

■ Brilliant Web Vision

Make users more simple and convenient to publicize and market.

■ Brilliant Web mission

The "Internet +" industry solution service provider.

■ Brilliant Web corporate culture

Unity, hard work, pragmatic, innovative!

■ Brilliant Web principles

Altruism! Be a person first, and then do things! Develop the market with high-quality products and serve customers with sincerity!

■ Brilliant Web enterprise beliefs

Network to change destiny!

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