Job responsibilities:

1) Understand customer needs through telephone communication, seek sales opportunities and complete sales performance;

2) Determine the intention of the customer, make an appointment for an interview, in-depth communication, negotiation, discuss the details of cooperation, sign a contract;

3) Develop new customers, expand business with old customers, establish and maintain customer files;

4)Collect and analyze market data and provide regular feedback on the latest information;

5)Conscientiously complete the work records to ensure that the appropriate processes are implemented according to the company's requirements.

Posting requirements:

1.Age 18-28 years old, men and women are not limited, fresh graduates interested in sales in the Internet industry can also join;

2.Clear language skills, strong communication skills; 

3.Love sales work, passionate, like challenging work;

4. Have a diligent work attitude, perseverance + positive spirit;

5. Be able to skillfully use office software.

Welfare treatment:

1)Five-day work system, double weekends, normal rest on statutory holidays;

2)Salary:Unresponsible base salary (2000~2650) + high commission + full attendance award + seniority award + performance award + other subsidies, easy to earn more than ten thousand per month;

3)Payment of social security (medical, unemployment, work injury, pension, maternity insurance and major medical insurance);

4) Holiday benefits, generous year-end bonuses, travel, dinners and other occasional group activities;

5) Paid annual leave, professional paid training;

6) Perfect promotion system.

(The company has a monthly top three awards, quarterly top three awards, with bonuses and prizes, bonuses are cash, there are different monthly incentive system with cash prizes, shopping cards, in-kind, etc., the strength of the strong monthly bonuses totaling 2,000 +!)

.Net Engineer

Job Description:

1, according to customer demand, on time and quality to complete the project development

Job Requirements

1, college degree or above, more than 2 years of .NET development experience.

2, proficiency in C#, ASP.NET, MSSQL, Javascript, CSS, HTML, jquery and other development languages and technologies;

3, familiar with ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET WebApi, Entity Framework;

4, have mall (including micro letter end), CRM, ERP and other types of projects or its large-scale project development experience is preferred;

3, strong learning ability and demand understanding, analytical ability, good communication skills;

5, strong logical thinking ability, good communication skills, teamwork consciousness and the ability to solve technical problems independently;

7, do things seriously, meticulous, responsible, able to bear a certain degree of work pressure.

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