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Community Supermarket, Fresh Fruit, Department Store, Beauty Salon, Wedding Service, Real Estate Agency, Enterprise Display, etc. (Button-Submit Demand, Click the link to Business Bridge)
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Service flow

Project managers organize one-on-one project teams to provide you with professional services in a fast, comprehensive and efficient manner
  • Requirements Negotiation and Determination
    Pre-project leader to analyze and understand the development needs of the enterprise, formulate a preliminary plan and confirm with the client.
  • Contracts Signed
    Signing of contracts with the client (determination of project period/project price/non-disclosure agreement)
  • Project Launch
    The project manager organizes project leaders, UI designers, front-end and back-end development engineers and other personnel to initiate the project kick-off meeting and form the project team. Form project-related discussion groups with clients to improve communication efficiency.
  • Product Prototyping
    Quality control by the product manager, create prototype drawings to confirm with the customer
  • Visual Design
    Quality control by the product manager, production of high-fidelity visualization and confirmation with the client.
  • Project Development
    Front-end and back-end engineers, according to the needs of the project refinement of the division of labor between the various teams closely linked, and by the product manager for quality control, project manager progress control.
  • Product Testing
    Publishing test reports and feedback to development engineers to adjust, by the project manager to control the progress.
  • Product Acceptance
    Provide final project documentation and complete acceptance upon client's confirmation.
  • Product Launch
    Complete the corresponding product launch/Go-Live
  • Continuous Operations and Maintenance (COO)
    7*24 hours after-sales service, urgent problems within 30 minutes, anytime, anywhere for the project escort

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